Why Do People Choose Timber Sash Windows?

Sash timber windows are a type of windows that are built with one or two loose parts known as sashes, comprising of a vertical opening system.

They are the most classical and highly recognized window types because they have been in use for quite some time.

When planning to renovate, redesign, or build your dream home from the start, paying attention to every detail is essential, but the safety and security of your home are the most important. It’s the dream of everyone to have an appealing home but keeping our homes secure and warm is a priority for most people. Windows allows the entry of fresh air into our homes when opened and secures us from harsh weather when closed. Windows are also known to keep off outsiders from accessing inside of our homes.

The most popular types of sash windows are single-hung and double-hung units. Single and double terms, in this case, are used to denote the sash itself, the movable part within the window that lets in air and ventilation into the house. Single-hung is made up of one movable sash, whereas a double-hung window contains two movable sashes. Up to date, sash windows are built from wood containing single glazed panes; they differ from the traditional ones due to the added protection they offer.

Why do People Prefer Sash Windows Over Another Type of Windows?

Most people prefer to install timber sash windows because they are aesthetic. Any other kind of window cannot match the bespoke they offer.

Aesthetics is one of the primary reasons why people prefer timber sash windows. No other type of window can match the bespoke appeal offered by these architectural pieces. Take a look at the Royal Cresent in Bath below, this has a ream of timber sash windows throughout the entire building:


Apart from aesthetics, the following are the reasons why people prefer sash timber windows.

Increased Durability

Timber sash windows are built with high-quality timber, which does not contain any knot with less than 15% of moisture content. This improves their life span thereby increasing their durability.

Versatile Windows

Timber sash window frames are very versatile. They can be customized to match your desired look. Painting your window frames can increase their lifespan, keeping the timber nourished and protected. Timber frames should be sprayed with micro-porous paint to make them resistant to weathering. This can prolong the lifespan of the window frame to approximately ten years.

Environmental Friendly

Sash window frames made from timber are the most environmentally friendly window frames you can invest in. The amount of energy used to produce, process and transport timber is much lower than any other building material. The timber products used in the construction of sash windows are certified.

Timber is highly durable and can be increased through re-use and recycling, and that’s why most of the materials used in the construction of sash windows can be recycled. Sash windows are built with timber that ethically outsourced, and this makes it environmentally friendly, thermally efficient and has a prolonged lifespan.

Natural Insulator

Timber is a natural insulator that regulates the temperature of a house to a level that is comfortable to you by preventing significant heat loss. This is usually the case during the winter season. There will be no increase in your energy bills; they will remain constant.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Do you intend to achieve a specific look for your home? Timber sash frames are appealing and can add character and beauty to any home. Besides this, timber sash frames can be customized to suit your taste. For example, if you reside in a listed building, timber window frames may be of much importance if your objective is to retain the authenticity and the value of your home.

Use of Engineered Wood

Laminated three-layer wood is the only type of engineered wood that is used in the construction of sash timber windows. The reason why three layers are used in the creation of timber sash windows is to prevent the sash window frame from distorting and enhance the durability of the windows. The outside layers are circular, and this technology is employed to avert the surfaces of the window from detaching from the wood where they are attached.

Wide variety of glazing details and options

  • Availability of lockable handle options
  • Availability of additional fittings designed for child safety and to secure from home from intruders
  • Availability of external and internal window sills in a variety of colours