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How Hot is the Temperature in Japan?

Japan is a diverse country. In fact, it is not just the culture, landscape, food and attractions that are diverse; the weather is diverse too! When you initially think of Japan two thoughts may come to mind, either skiing in the deep and impressive snow or roast in the heat of summer. So how hot does it really get in Japan during each of the four distinct seasons? Let’s take a quick look.

Winter Season

Winter season in Japan, Japan tours, runs from December through to February. Even though we tend to automatically link Winter with cold temperatures, this is not always the case in Japan. Certainly, in the mountains the temperature can drop to around 4C and snowfall can be heavy providing ideal skiing conditions, however, it’s not freezing cold during the winter in all of the countries. In warmer areas of Japan, you can expect to see as hot as 21C on the thermometer. Why, in some countries, this temperature would count as a good summer’s day!

Spring Season

March through until May sees Japan enjoying the Spring season. In Japan, one of the highlights of this time of year is the beautiful cherry blossoms which come into full bloom and provide a magical sight to locals and visitors alike. It doesn’t get overly hot in Japan during the Spring season. Normal temperatures during these months range from 21c to around 26C, for most people this provides an ideal temperature for sightseeing, walking or going about everyday life.

Summer Season

From June to August things certainly heat up in Japan! In fact, these months can be rather sizzling, to say the least. You can expect to see as high as 35C on the thermometer and the high temperature will be matched with an equally high sense of humidity. Simply put, in Japan, summer is not for the fainthearted! Of course, in the Northern areas of Japan, you can expect to get a measure of relief from these pretty staggering high temperatures.

Autumn Season

From September through to November Japan enters the Autumn season. The temperature during these months can still be rather high, without feeling oppressive or uncomfortable. You could expect a temperature around the mid-20s or higher in many parts of Japan, with much less humidity than during the Summer months.

If you are planning to enjoy a vacation in Japan it is wise to give thought to the temperature which the country experiences throughout the year. If you do not cope well with hot temperatures it may be better for you to avoid travel during the months of June, July and August. Planning your vacation during Spring or Autumn may provide you with a better climate for enjoying a wonderful country. Of course, if you love having fun in the snow, a trip to Japan between December and February could be nothing short of magical. Whichever month you plan your trip for, be sure to have a vacation to remember!