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What Is There To Do In Puerto Rico?

The hurricane season of 2017 concluded recently at the end of November, and it’s left millions of people on the Atlantic seaboard and along the Gulf of Mexico coasts breathing a sigh of relief. Multiple major storms threatened the mainland United States this season, with some of them making direct hits.

The islands of the Caribbean were definitely hit, with some places suffering storms packing 200 mph winds when they made landfall. Puerto Rico was famously hit by one storm that knocked out electricity to the entire island, and the response by government authorities has been a source of controversial news and politics. Still, at the time of writing, 90 percent of the island had clean water restored, and half the residents remaining had power, with most of the rest expecting the lights to come back on in the following few months.

Puerto Rico’s prominence in the news brought attention to many to the fact that it was actually a vacation destination for some, as cruise ships were temporarily stopped from visiting the capital of San Juan for their itineraries. Given that it’s now winter, many are looking ahead to planning their spring or summer vacations at Culebra Hostel, and that’s put a lot of eyes on the Caribbean in a new light.

Cruise ship activity is expected to resume in San Juan soon, so many are giving the new thought about Puerto Rico, and for good reason. While some cruises visit here-Culebra hostel yelp, some also set sail to and from here, so it’s possible to fly in and spend some time in Puerto Rico before or after a cruise, or just as a daily stop as a port of call. The island has appeal, given that it is American soil without stringent visa requirements, English is a formal language, and the same currency is used as the back home.


There’s also plenty to do. Not everything is available in all areas as utilities are restored, but tourism is not a bad thing for the island during the recovery. In fact, it’s a major industry and all revenue and economic activity are badly needed right now.

Like many other Caribbean destinations, Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches for sunbathing, swimming in crystal clear waters, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and many other water-based activities. Some areas have great snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as glass-bottom boat tours.

San Juan and other Puerto Rican cities have amenities and things to do as well. The capital has one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest palaces going to back to colonial times and reflecting European Renaissance influence. The cuisine and shopping are quite unique from what the mainland states have to offer, and the overall culture is very distinct.

Inland adventures await those that are willing to get away from the coasts. This island is roughly a hundred miles long by twenty miles across and features mountains, rivers, and even tropical rainforest to explore. The rainforest ecosystem, in particular, is an experience not likely to be experienced anywhere else in the United States, save perhaps portions of the Hawaiian islands.