Learning BJJ techniques

Everyone needs to know how to grapple on the ground. The majority of fights will end up on the ground if they’re not broken up. That is just the true of most fights. When it comes to self-defense you never want to end up on the ground but if you do end up there you need to know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing you can seriously get hurt or even die. The need for quality ground skills is so important. It is more important now than ever before because the popularity of the UFC means that more people are training and more people are passably learning about the ground game just by watching TV. No, we do not believe that anyone will become a skilled ground fighter by just watching TV but that there is a consciousness in the world now about being on the ground, grappling in the advantage that it gives. If you don’t have proper training even an untrained person who has just a little bit of ground game knowledge will be able to defeat and harm you.

This is why you need to learn bjj techniques. You don’t just need to learn it for self-defense but because bjj is a lot of fun, is a hard workout and it is very rewarding. We know that many of you might not have a bjj training center near you or you might not be able to afford to go to one. What you will be able to afford is to learn from our instructional videos. We break down techniques into their fundamentals and simplest forms so that you can easily learn at home. Watch them alone, grab a friend and practice on your mat at home.

You might be surprised how much you can learn from watching videos about bjj techniques. With our quality instruction, you will quickly pick up on the information and be able to hold your own on the mat against your friends. You also will learn some very basic and fundamental self-defense techniques that will help you survive, stay alive and even defeat those who wish to do you harm. We always suggest that avoiding the fight is the ultimate when but sometimes you cannot and the bad guy brings the fight to you. You need to know what to do in bjj is one of the best survival skills that you can have for the streets.

So, check out our catalog of videos that we have they can teach you bjj skills. Take a look at our instructors, their credentials and why they are qualified to teach you. All we require of you is dedication, hard work and a commitment towards getting better at bjj. If you watch the videos, practice what are them, grab a friend to learn what, you’re guaranteed to take away something of huge value from watching our videos. Here’s to you learning bjj techniques with our videos and becoming a stronger ground fighter.