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What Is There To Do In Puerto Rico?

The hurricane season of 2017 concluded recently at the end of November, and it’s left millions of people on the Atlantic seaboard and along the Gulf of Mexico coasts breathing a sigh of relief. Multiple major storms threatened the mainland United States this season, with some of them making direct hits.

The islands of the Caribbean were definitely hit, with some places suffering storms packing 200 mph winds when they made landfall. Puerto Rico was famously hit by one storm that knocked out electricity to the entire island, and the response by government authorities has been a source of controversial news and politics. Still, at the time of writing, 90 percent of the island had clean water restored, and half the residents remaining had power, with most of the rest expecting the lights to come back on in the following few months.

Puerto Rico’s prominence in the news brought attention to many to the fact that it was actually a vacation destination for some, as cruise ships were temporarily stopped from visiting the capital of San Juan for their itineraries. Given that it’s now winter, many are looking ahead to planning their spring or summer vacations at Culebra Hostel, and that’s put a lot of eyes on the Caribbean in a new light.

Cruise ship activity is expected to resume in San Juan soon, so many are giving the new thought about Puerto Rico, and for good reason. While some cruises visit here-Culebra hostel yelp, some also set sail to and from here, so it’s possible to fly in and spend some time in Puerto Rico before or after a cruise, or just as a daily stop as a port of call. The island has appeal, given that it is American soil without stringent visa requirements, English is a formal language, and the same currency is used as the back home.

There’s also plenty to do. Not everything is available in all areas as utilities are restored, but tourism is not a bad thing for the island during the recovery. In fact, it’s a major industry and all revenue and economic activity are badly needed right now.

Like many other Caribbean destinations, Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches for sunbathing, swimming in crystal clear waters, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and many other water-based activities. Some areas have great snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as glass-bottom boat tours.

San Juan and other Puerto Rican cities have amenities and things to do as well. The capital has one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest palaces going to back to colonial times and reflecting European Renaissance influence. The cuisine and shopping are quite unique from what the mainland states have to offer, and the overall culture is very distinct.

Inland adventures await those that are willing to get away from the coasts. This island is roughly a hundred miles long by twenty miles across and features mountains, rivers, and even tropical rainforest to explore. The rainforest ecosystem, in particular, is an experience not likely to be experienced anywhere else in the United States, save perhaps portions of the Hawaiian islands.

Great Things to do and See in Orlando

Orlando Attractions – Great Things to do and See in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is the home of the world’s most visited theme park. It is aptly called as the “Happiest Place on Earth” as people of all ages have been having a great time visiting it and more and more people from all over the world and from all walks of life are dreaming on coming here.

When most people think about Orlando, Florida is the first things that pop into their minds are the well-known theme parks. However, if you are planning to visit the greater Orlando area there are numerous other attractions and places to visit that will keep you happily occupied. Here are just some of the ways to enjoy your time in the Orlando area.

Things to do and see in Orlando:

Discovery Cove

There are many other Orlando tourist attractions and one of them is visiting the Discovery Cove. This park is a beautiful, tropical haven which is well managed by a group of staff that is friendly and well accommodating. And although entry to the park is quite expensive, your money will be worth the fun and the adventure you will experience in this unique leisure park

Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine

This is a Catholic church that was built in the 1980’s in order to provide a religious site of worship for those travelers who need a place to attend church while on vacation. Though it can hardly be considered as a great tourist attraction as it is a place of worship, still more people come here not only to pray but also to see the beauty of the church.

iFly Orlando

This is another amusement cum theme park that features the famous SkyVenture Orlando, the closest thing to skydiving that you can experience without having to jump out of an airplane.  Check out the video to see how much fun this is.

Blizzard Beach

This resort is located north All-Star resorts and it is a ski resort with water adventure park features. It boasts of numerous slides and the great mini park for the children.


This is a combination of a theme park, amusement center, nature and wildlife reserve and zoo. This amazing animal park boasts of three thousand gators and 89 crocodiles plus a variety of birds and snake species on exhibit.

Epcot Divequest

This is a great place that offers scuba diving and an opportunity to swim with sharks, but you need an open scuba diving certificate before you can do this.

These are just a few of the ways to enjoy your vacation in the Orlando area. There are lots more attractions in this area.

Family Friendly Activities in Orlando

Family Friendly Activities in Orlando

Family Fun in Orlando

Visiting Orlando is at the top of every family’s wish list, and with the area home to some of the world best loved theme parks it can be a thrill seekers dream to vacation here. Not only do you get fantastic weather but you will also find plenty of family friendly attractions and activities which you can enjoy together as a family.

Disney Parks

If you are heading to Orlando this year a stay at Disney World should be at the top of your agenda. This world famous park houses four different theme parks, not to mention two water parks and a great entertainment area. A trip to Disney World is every kid’s dream so make sure you grab your tickets early and head to the park for a perfect, fun filled, family day out.

Another favorite theme park, which is a must for older families, is Universal Orlando Resort. This park offers two theme parks adjacent to a trio of resorts packed with pools, health spas and mouth watering restaurants. This movie inspired park offers families the chance to interact with their favorite film characters and spend some time on exhilarating movie based rides.

If you love animals and want your kids to enjoy them too, head to Sea World in Orlando for a great family day out with a difference. Here you can catch a glimpse of some of the ocean’s greatest creatures including killer whales, dolphins and sea lions. There are also plenty of fun activities you can do here including the Discovery Cove where you can splash around in the scenic surroundings before heading to the dolphin pool to experience a once in a lifetime swim with these fascinating animals.

Head to the Beach

If you want to get away from the theme parks for a day you can easily rent a car or hop on a local bus and take a trip out to the coast to experience some of Florida’s great beaches and glorious weather. There is also a beautiful nature reserve to the east of the city where you can get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors for an afternoon.

Paying for a family to stay in this city can sometimes be expensive so if you want to save your dollars for the theme parks and other activities, try to book into one of the many low cost hotels in Orlando. This way you can save a few bucks and really treat your family to something special at the end of the trip.

Holidaying in Orlando is a dream for any kid so if you really want to make this family holiday one to remember then head to Orlando for a great time with plenty of family friendly attractions and activities to keep you occupied.